Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro ring hair extensions

Micro rings are a great alternative to glued hair extensions and the one that our hair stylists always recommend for the best results.

For extensions to look natural proper blending is paramount. Unnatural blending is caused, in most circumstances, by conflicting hair textures or poor colour match. With so many different hair colours and textures on today’s women a good salon should have a well-stocked inventory of hair, grades, textures and colours, on hand at all times to be able to achieve a natural and blended look.

Micro rings benefits

  • Kinder to your hair
    The process requires no glue, heat or braiding, which can all damage your hair.
  • Easy maintenance
    As micro ring extensions remove the need to be impractically gentle with your bonds, or in some cases to avoid handling them altogether
  • Virtually undetectable
    Colour-coding to match the hair extension and minute size makes micro ring extensions virtually undetectable.