Micro Ringlets

Micro Ringlets & Silicone Micro Rings

Micro Ringlets are a significant advancement on conventional micro rings, which are widely accepted to be the best available hair extension attachment technique.  Custom designed and manufactured by  Tatiana Karelina the micro ringlets are smaller in diameter and length than conventional size micro rings.

Originally designed for people with short or fine hair who were previously considered unsuitable for micro ring extensions the small size and lightweight nature of the micro ringlets means that extensions can now be applied in areas where previously extension hair could not be attached. 

Silicone Micro Rings

Similarly to what Tatiana Karelina has done with its Micro Ringlets, it has designed and manufactured its own line of silicone micro rings as all the existing silicone rings on the market had one or more deficiencies for everyday use.  Rings were either too short, too small in diameter or had too much of a silicone circumference and would not be conducive to achieving a natural look.

With Tatiana Karelina’s silicone micro rings, the ring are longer, lighter and have a thinner layer of silicone.  This is an ideal solution for people with sensitive scalps, hair prone to breakage or those who have a tendency to lose extensions.