What Are Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

What are Micro Links?

The technology behind Micro Ring or Micro Loop extensions, came from a desire to revolutionise the hair extension industry. Removing the issues that had previously put off some of the world’s more discerning customers. The process needed to be kinder to hair, easier to maintain and virtually undetectable. And micro ring extensions deliver just that.

Kinder to your hair

The process requires no glue, heat or braiding, which can all damage your hair. Instead each extension is attached to its own metal cylinder. A few strands of your hair are threaded through each cylinder. Once correctly positioned, the ring is then clamped shut using a special tool. This secures your hair to the extension in the cleanest and safest method currently available on the market. And removal and repositioning is just as easy and won’t cause any damage at all.

Easy maintenance

Micro ring extensions eliminate the need for heat, glue or braiding, and work only through the force of each minute clamp. So the need to be impractically gentle with your bonds, or in some cases to avoid handling them altogether, is instantly removed. This makes the previously stressful task of styling and maintaining extensions a completely refreshing experience. Many of our new clients who have tried and disliked traditional extensions in the past, now love the freedom and ease they’ve discovered with micro rings.

Virtually undetectable

Our micro rings are colour-coded to match the hair extension. In addition, their minute size when closed and positioning within the hair makes them virtually undetectable. In fact if you choose our salon, the only way anyone will know you’re wearing extensions, is if they literally take a comb, climb up on your shoulders and part your hair. No one will know. All they’ll see is gorgeous long and healthy hair.

At Tatiana Karelina, our micro ring extensions are fitted with only approved Russian and select European virgin hair. We personally hand source our hair from collectors and not brokers. Every strand is inspected and arranged by hand in our salons.

Call or visit us in our London or Manchester salon and speak with a trained technician about our luxury micro ring or clip-in extensions.