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The Best Clipins Money Can Buy

For anyone looking for instant volume and length, now there is no need to look any further, than Tatiana Karelina’s new line of All-in-One clip-in extensions. Using a multi-layering system, which combines several wefts into a single piece, the All-in-One injects the same body and density which could previously only be achieved by using multiple pieces together.

  • 18” Length
  • 10” Wide Hand-Tied Wefts
  • 100% Slavic Coloured Hair
  • Slightly Wavy Texture
  • Only 5 Attachment Clips
  • Matryoshka Doll Packaging

By making wefts by hand it is possible to have multiple hues of a colour in a single weft, make each weft significantly slimmer and the hair more secure than could otherwise be achieved with a machine. With slimmer wefts comes increased comfort, while more secure means less shedding and this extends the clip-in’s life.