We believe in the importance of offering our clients what we consider to be the best. We work directly with hair collectors, not brokers, to ensure that our Russian hair is genuine and ethically sourced.


To achieve a perfect colour match, we use a proprietary colour blending technique, where hairs are drawn from several different ponytails, blended and then recombined into individual strands.


There are certain things that have to be consistent, whatever you do. For us, years of experience, ruthless attention to detail and exceptional execution are our keys to beautiful flawless extensions.


From the use of sustainable packaging to women’s empowerment, we continue to invest, on the back of the support from our clients, into climate protection projects and direct philanthropic giving.




Micro rings are the smallest and most undetectable non-glue extension attachment technique available, which combines strands of natural hair with the extensions using tiny copper rings. As there is no glue, there is no excessive force applied during removal and therefore no damage.

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The making of our clip-ins is a time-honoured craft that cannot be replicated by a machine, which is why every aspect of the crafting process is done by hand. Each clip-In is made using the Russian hair and a full-head look is achieved by combining multiple wefts into a single piece.

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Unlike other ranges of tapes, mass-produced in China and then relabeled before they are sold, our tapes are the only ones that are made by hand using genuine Russian hair and where the colour is achieved, not with dye, but by blending multiple shades of hair into each tape.

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About Us

At TATIANA KARELINA, we amalgamate the clinic discipline of hair extension application with the artistic flair of a creative designer. We treat each client relationship as unique, and a source of continued inspiration to help empower today’s women with confidence building hair.

We’re here to elevate the standard of hair extensions. For our clients. For our employees. For our community. We provide this high standard in our beliefs that our company can be financially successful while behaving in a socially responsible manner.



I am absolutely IN LOVE with my hair!!! I walked into the cutest boutique salon! This where Tatiana chose from the variety of colours and texture to perfectly match my hair. After about 20 min, she had custom bonds made just for me and we began the process! The hair is so light and feels so soft. I've had extensions poorly done before that tangled up all of the time and I'm happy to say that I've had no issue at all with this hair. I’m so happy to have found such a trustworthy person to do this with! She also does the cutest braids and hairstyles - you've got to check out her Instagram.

Oana G

After a traumatic series of events followed by some unfortunate health issues, my hair needed some love. The beauty gods must have been watching over me because I stumbled upon Tatiana! Tatiana is a master at her craft. She is meticulous, honest and fair. I was blown away by her beautiful technique and attention to detail. Even with a very challenging request, she managed to transform my hair. Tatiana and her team are true artists

Samatha E

I love going to this salon - the girls are so professional, and their work is the absolute best. The most important thing for me is the care they take of my natural hair when removing my extensions ... I used to go to another extensionist who was SO rough she would rip and tear my hair! But the girls at Tatiana Karelina are so careful it’s a pleasure to go there. I recommend them to everyone 100%

Rosie L

Tatiana and her team of hair extension experts are quite possibly the best in the world. The salons attention to detail is incredible. The staff are wonderful and most importantly my hair is AMAZING. I have been having extensions with Tatiana Karelina for over 6 years and my natural hair has never felt and been healthier than it is now. I have no breakage; the colour match is EXACT, and the quality of the extensions is brilliant and the texture match is perfect. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Rebecca F

I have been coming to Tatiana’s for my hair extensions for the past 5 years. I have very fine hair and it’s blonde, so my hair is so easily damaged. The quality of service is amazing, the girls always make me feel welcome. The hair is just gorgeous & it really does last, worth every single penny!  I have never ever lost an extension between maintenance, my hair is perfect all the time, healthy & absolutely no damage at all. In fact, I started going to Tatiana’s because of another hair extension salon... they completely ruined my hair and now I will never ever think about going to a different salon.

Amy S

I have had my hair extensions done with Tatiana for the first time and what an amazing experience it was, starting from the best quality of Russian virgin hair I have ever seen to the seamless procedure of adding it to my natural hair. I was looked after like a Cinderella at this beautiful salon with a lovely after care service as well. If you are looking for the most natural beautiful blond hair extension that would never differ from your own hair but will add lots of volume and length this is the place.

Irina G

I am a customer of Tatiana Karelina for many years. And I cannot recommend this place enough. Amazingly, friendly and caring atmosphere with a cosy interior and uber cute chihuahuas. Tatiana herself is there to answer questions and help customers to address their needs. The quality of the Russian hair is amazing.  I love their clip-ins, they are so easy to use. It is, without a doubt, the best hair extension salon in London.

Anna V

The best place to get hair extensions in London and in Los Angeles.  I been both. I had mine done a while ago and it literally changed my life. Amazing quality and very easy to look after. Would also recommend their handmade clip-in range - life saver!

Jelena B

Tatiana Karelina

Baby steps and leaps of faith brought Tatiana to where she is today. Born in small Russian village, she moved to US in 2000 to study English where she was introduced to hair extensions. A few years later, she moved to London where she listened to her entrepreneurial spirit and started hair extension business from home. Success grew quickly and a yearning to learn more she decided to take a leap of faith to open her first salon in the midst of the financial crisis. Today, with salons in London, Manchester and Los Angeles, she is one of the most respected figures in hair extensions today, boasting a roster of high-profile clients who wear her hair.
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