ES Test: Tatiana Karelina Hair Extensions

Our verdict on the salon behind London’s most coveted hair extensions

When it comes to hair extensions there are a lot of factors to consider but the right salon can make the whole experience seamless and transform your look without damaging your natural hair.

The difference between good hair extensions and bad ones is significant. We’ve all seen examples of a botched job: clumpy patches and roots which expose where a person’s own hair ends and someone else’s begins or natural hair ruined by the wrong techniques (or the right techniques poorly executed). But success stories are less easy to spot because, done well, extensions should look completely natural. Finding a trusted salon is key and there are few better than Kensington based Tatiana Karelina.

Although the name is well known thanks to a loyal fan base of celebrity clients (Ariana Grande even rocked Tatiana’s extensions during her latest UK tour), the salon is discreet and set on a quiet side street in Kensington. Even on a busy Saturday afternoon there is an air of calm and the staff are friendly but professional, helping to reassure customers that they’re in good hands.

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