A New Name, Look and Direction

Tatiana Hair Extensions has undergone a total brand review and today unveiled its new name, logo and website to supports its evolution into a leading full service salon and in preparation for London expansion and international growth.

Choosing the "Right" Salon

Hair extensions - a few hours in the Salon and you have long hair that looks like a dream. It is the notion that women can achieve an instantaneous transformation that has seen demand for high-quality hair extensions hit an all time high. 

What are Micro Rings?

The technology behind Micro Ring or Micro Loop extensions, as they’re sometimes called, was born out of a desire to revolutionise the hair extension industry, and remove the issues that had previously deterred some of the world’s more discerning customers. 

Hair Damage: Glue VS. Rings

As demand for hair extensions increase so to do the number of different attachment techniques each with their own different names. But when you get to the bottom of it your decision on how to attach the extension hair generally comes down to some type of glue.

Understaning Hair Types

Because I was born in Russia, people tend to assume that this explains my strong preference for Russian-sourced hair.  The reason is, however, quite different.  In order to explain, it might be sensible to talk about some of ...

Why Your Extensions Aren’t "Fab"

Some clients just don’t have suitable hair for extensions. If you pull lightly on your hair and it breaks or if you have extremely fine or short hair then extensions are not for you.

As hair extensions have gained in popularity so too has the number of hair extension “experts”. 

What is Processed Hair?

All human hair has a cuticle layer similar to fish scales. When some hairs become turned in the opposite direction they will catch with each another, lock up, and cause the hair to mat.

A majority of the cheap hair on the market can trace its roots back a factory in China or India where is it mass-processed.

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair extensions are traditionally used to enhance an already substantial length into waist-length hair, or enough for an elaborate up-do. But suppose your hair is short and you want lovely long locks, or even a little more volume for a pixie cut?

In the past, this wouldn't have been possible, but modern micro rings or clip-ins can be used even with short hair.

The Perils of DIY Hair Extensions

If you search for hair extensions online, you'll be inundated by companies offering you mail-order extensions that you can either attach yourself or get a friend to do it. Compared with going to a salon, they're cheap and convenient, so why doesn't Tatiana offer a service like this?

In fact, there are a great many reasons to stay away from non-salon extensions.

Five Hair Extension Myths

If you're thinking of having hair extensions, somebody has probably told you "Don't do it, everyone knows…" Things that "everyone knows", though, are wrong as often as right - after all, everyone used to know that the sun goes round the earth.

Clip-In Extensions Explained

You want beautiful long hair, but do you really want it all the time? One day might be a time for waves or a bun, another might be a bob or pixie day. Most hair extensions don't give you that choice, but clip-in extensions will.

Most Common Types of Extensions

Have you tried searching for information about hair extensions? Chances are you've found a bewildering range of different techniques, all with their advocates. Unfortunately, most also have their drawbacks.

Perhaps the oldest type. In fact, a primitive version was used in ancient Egypt.